Company Restructuring Support

Planning for Workforce Restructuring

Workforce restructuring requires sensitivity, preparation, and a formal process. Involving ERT Career at the first indication of a downsizing will result in a smoother transition. Our Senior Consultants can work with you to help plan your Career Transition/Outplacement Programmes, prepare your internal and external communications and coach your Managers on delivering the news and dealing with employees’ emotional responses.

We have worked with a broad range of industries and market sectors and aim to deliver the best outcomes for both the company and impacted employees.

Post Restructuring

Managing after a layoff is one of the most challenging leadership experiences. Providing an empathetic response in the first few months will set the tone for employee motivation and will ensure a higher level of engagement. Managers must aware that there will be a re-building time with surviving employees before they will return to their previous level of motivation and productivity. Remaining employees usually transition through a number of negative emotions about work, management and the organisation. Some of the negative emotions that can develop include confusion, anxiety, stress, mistrust, apathy and hostility.

Managers will benefit from our training and coaching and will become skilled in conducting effective career discussions. They will be guided on how to support remaining employees, reassure them about their value, answer questions, explain how expectations have changed and outline the future vision for the organization.