Interview Coaching & Training

ERT Career offers highly practical interview coaching and training geared towards maximizing your success. Working one-to-one with our consultant, our interview coaching and training sessions are designed to make sure you are fully prepared for the interview and have developed the confidence to perform well.

Interview Coaching & Training

Our interview training & coaching training  includes:

  • What to expect in today’s interview

  • How to build confidence and manage nerves

  • Interview preparation essentials

  • Positively presenting career issues

  • Handling a panel interview

  • How responses are assessed and scored

  • Interview Simulation & Practice

  • Closing with impact

  • Follow up strategies

As employers strive to hire the right candidates, interviews can be rigorous and challenging. Assessment Centres, Panel Interviews and Situational Interviewing are commonplace and often highly daunting for applicants.

So how can you be prepared and enter the interview process with confidence? 

Networking Interviews

Networking interviews are an important element in the job search process.

We work with candidates to ensure these meetings and interviews are as effective as possible and potential opportunities and referrals are identified and secured.

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